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livejournal is for the weak.

in other news, school started. and i have off today so yeah ive done nothing but sit on this computer. uhm.. i cant SIT on a computer. so ive been sitting at the computer ON the computer chair.

asdfjkl; i have a cross country meet tomorrow. my first one of the season. i really want to get like.. 22/23.. i hope its not over 25. ive never gotten over 25 so i have no idea when we ran a 5k at practice my time was so slow.. its embarrasing. BUT! my name was in the paper. ee! and kyu's picture was. SO B-TOWN.

uhmm.... partyyy tomorrow.! HA!

it's raining men. ok, so its not. but it should be.

OH? school. HOMEROOM IS LAME TO THE MAX! its before 1st period now. like, its first. which makes sense to probably everyone else. my school used to have first period and then homeroom. if u think about it, its a very good concept. you had a break between 1st and 2nd. and u could do ur 2nd period homework in homeroom. you had a chance to tell ur friends the answers from the 1st period test it was just better altogether. but besides that, ERIKA ISNT IN MY HOMEROOM! all the homerooms are messed up and like no one is in the same homeroom as people they used to be in with. LAME

but classes are ok. this semester i have honors english, pshyc, ap gov, and physics. english is pretty good so far. it's only been 2 days but i know ill like it. physc is pretty good too. better than soc last year. ap gov, its going to be good, i know, but i havent really warmed up to it yet. i know that sounds funny but like i dunno.. you just need to get comfortable with classes i think. it'll happen. it will be good though. ihate 2nd lunch. i dont like physics either. it reminds me too much of chemistry. i feel like this whole semster is the same as 1st semster last year. i have daka 2nd again, my science 4th again, english is just a different period. next semester i have wsi(water safety instructor) the same time i had lifeguarding. yeah...

ok so these next 2 months are going to be soo hard. i have my 4 classes, cross country, and a job. im working at the school pool teaching swimming classes from likr 6-8. so needless to say, it'll be tough. but i'll be making like $200 a month so yay!

and i can get my license in like 18 days!! i just have to make that appt.

so i have a lot of important stuff coming up that i guess i need love with. like, im going to be putting a lot of pressure on myself with these classes, psats soon, getting my license, good grades, good times at cross, and managing a life. so wish me luck because it's a lot and i hope i can do it.

hope everyone's life is good. im sure it is!

"where's the r in elorm?"
-where's the n in jenn?"

<3 jenn
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