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well. last time i posted of camp.. and although its probably the topic that crosses my mind most often now, im not there.

i did go. one day. i went for mom and me weekend. i guarded? or something. it was.. just different.
tohi was beautiful as always. it was still magical being there. i still got the butterflies as i was pulling up.
visiting each campsite was a thrill.
it was also fun to be able to help tell people where to go. because.. they didnt know. i dont know if that makes sense.

so whats new with my life?
well, im not at camp. i was wrong to think id ever go back this year anyway. with the new age requirements they werent going to hire me anyway. im always sad about it but i try and hold out for next year. i try and be optimsitic. i mean, its healthy to miss stuff, right? esp. stuff you've loved for so long?
well-i try and tell myself theres no point in being sad because its not like i can go back now. so all i have to do is just wait for next summer.

"but ive learned" i guess. ive learned that i DO need camp. and i cant go through this every summer. anddd i need a place that is camp to me. whether that is tohi or tweedale. either one is camp. one is home but they are both camp.

well, i act like nothing else happens in my life. you're probably thinking i need something else in my life to keep my mind off of camp.
well, i work. a lot. sort of. sort of a lot that is. i work at my school's pool. i teach little kids how to swim. ive been doing it for about a year now. i have to be there at 845 in the morning though. then im done at 12. i have a sort of break in between and i have to be back at like 545 and i work till 8.

and ive been doing stuff. last night was the panic! at the disco concert. it was sooooo great!! :D!! sooooo much fun. eureka was there!! :D so were a lot of other people but i didnt see them.

i watched and read the sisterhood of the traveling pants. SOOO GOOD! such a good recomendation.

HAPPY 4th of July!

hi jinx

soo what else? relay for life was nice. sort of. it rained. a lot. i did the sort of a lot thing again. at one point we had to get off the track and then people sort of migrated to the girls locker room for most of the time. i slept too much.

i get so mad when i sleep. i hate missing out on life. like this one quote from tuesdays with morrie-"if you're in bed, you're dead."
like i slept during the da vinci code and i missed out. but ok i was tired. and i slept during relay for life and missed a lot of it. {relay is a 24 hour walk a thon so you should sleep at some point i guess but i try not too but i was tired}

but whatever.
i also saw lake house. and click. they were ok.

camp? :(

lol whatever. adios
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