Kinipela (sweetpineapple) wrote,

you know. i really do love camp. and i really did enjoy this summer.
i have no idea what the future holds.

i used to get to attached to people/ things. then i moved on and was like "well, if they dont care, why should i?"
but recently ive been nostalgic. like i still miss every summer of camp. even the last one. i know at some points i really hated the work. but i lovvedd it. i really did.
and i get angry at people because i try so hard to communicate and keep in touch and they just fall away. but i guess its things like that that make you realize what life is like.

ive been thinking a lot. about selfishness and stuff.
if you think someone is doing something selfish, are they really selfish or are you for wanting them to be doing something for you rather than them.

and sometimes i think im not leading the life i want. everythings just going by too fast.

but. im happy. and i cant wait for camp. because ive decided im going back. it will be hectic. but it will be worth it.

now if i could just decide which camp to go to...
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