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LJ Interests meme results

  1. aim:
    i am abso fricking loutly additcted. i can go days and weeks without even going on, but if im home im almost always on. i get annonyed when im on and no one talks to me, and i can have up to a billion conversations at once. its what keeps me going and in contact with everyone.
  2. boys:
    ha, what to say? im a girl- you're a boy. i think we've all got that one down.
  3. dozie:
    hmm.. well after stargazers i thought dozie was like THE coolest person on earth. i always thought of her as a great counselor but now that i think about it, it is a little creepy to have her in my interests... sorry!
  4. hawaii:
    love love love! went there from june 24-july 7th 2002 with earth explore, a student group like people to people, national ambassador, etc. feel in love with it. the people, the memories, everything. sort of goes with why i picked pineapple as my camp name. i use kinipela as almost everything else because its my name in hawaiian.
  5. josh hartnett:
    so yeah, used to be obsessed about him. he hasnt been in any good movies lately, but i loveee pearl harbor(hawaii+boys+josh, what what) wicker park was weird. but i still love em
  6. kona:
    a city in hawaii. i was there for probably 5ish days. its one of the more resort type cities in hawaii. nonetheless-muy bonita!
  7. moley:
    it comes from my bestest friend, christina moley. i guess when we were in like 8th grade we used to write chrystyna moley and jennyfer waver. yeah
  8. over the rainbow:
    used to be obsessed with the wizard of oz and loved that song
  9. pop music:
    its what i like. i dont care about the song being cheesy or anything. i listen to whatever they play
  10. tohikanee:
    only THE greatest place in the world! my camp :)

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