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diddy da

i thought my icon was gone forever.
im actually im maryland right now. visiting my daddys work. usually he comes home on the weekends, but my mom and i came down this time. the keyboard on this thing is so weird. so im not going to write a lot except that this is my last real weekend. a week from sunday ill be at camp and probably considered a junior! that scares me so much :(

my camp address is as followsni
camp tweedale
500 bethel road
oxford, pa 19363

i expect tons of letters, dont dissapoint me :/

dinner was an angry time. i wasnt hungry and didnt want a lot of food. so i couldnt decide what to get. i wasnt even sure what i was getting while i was waiting for it. it ended up being chicken fingers+fries. COOL.

comtemplating school on wednesday. APPARENTLY the kids who started the fire in school last thursday have some frieds who are gonna bring a gun to school wed. so the principal sent out a letter today saying the rumors arent true because he investigated it.. right.. how and when did he investigate it? and how does he no its the truth? i dont no. oh, and poor cb east.

i tanned tonight for 10 mintues. i want to go 2x tomorrow and then possibly 2x sunday. there is only 1 bed here and it doesnt get that hot, so who knows. but my mom said she'll let me go this upcoming week across from the mall. yay! then camp

and finals are a pain.

oh. so my name was on the loud speaker for the first time ever in my high school career. as in "J-j-j-jennifer weaver please report to office 1" they just had some paper for me that i already had. no biggie.

so next week is andrews grad. party. very cool. i love my seniors. adios.

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