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what a day! everything was normal till 2nd period. i have lifeguarding 2nd period. we got changed and got ready to get in the pool for our whole lifeguarding challenge thing was had today. so at 9:38 the fire alarm goes off. since we're in the pool(well, pool area, we werent in the pool yet). our alarm is very annonying. anyway, our fire spot is just to line up against the wall, we dont evacuate. we waited there for like 30 minutes till our teacher nexteled some people and we found out it was real.

now, the pool and the 9th grade academy are very close. there are windows that let u see outside to where everything was going on. we had the best view. we could see all the firemen coming in and out and the oxygen tanks and stuff. it was a bit scary, but we were calm. pretty soon a helicopter came and stuff. yeah, we were in the pool area from like 930-12.

at around 1015 they told us we needed to leave. we were in our bathing suits. so we walk out and officer ridge is like "you should have been out here a long time ago" and blah blah. well waddy mcwaddlson told us to go back. let me remind you that the fire alarm does not go off until everything is over, so its going on an hour now, and the fire alarm is still on. anyway, it eventually went off and we got in the pool.

little did we know that the whole thing wasnt over. so we had to get out and i was freezing because i was wet. we just waited and waited till around 12. mostly everyone called their parents. i had to use aaron's phone cause mine was locked up and we couldnt go in the locker room.

so what happened was 2 9 ninth graders spilled gas on the steps of the 9th grade acadmey. APPARENTLY it caught on fire, but who nos.

anyway, after the school basically forgot we were still inside the building, we nexteled mr.evertt. he came in and told us all to get changed. we were so funny, we were like screaming HELLLLP as we went into the locker room. soo at 12ish we got shelpted to gym1 with like 1/4 of the school. we just sat there from 12-1240. at 1240 they let us into the cafeteria. that was A MESS! like 1/3 of the school in each cafeteriAUM. it took like 30 minutes+ to get our crappy food. it was a huge mess.

so at like 2 they said go back to 2nd period. we did and then went home at like regular time. it was a total waste of a day. rob, thank you not losing me in the lunch room today lol. im actually really glad it was during 2nd period though. i dont think id rather be with another class.

ooh and we did everything imagineable to keep us occupied from 930-12. we did hair, made up games, slept, called people, hula hooped, and so on. it was a pointless, yet exciting day.

finally something happened in bensalem.

but im safe. adios.
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