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of love so trueee

soo i think if i had a little more girl scouts in me this week id be saying i love fluffy bunnies every 2.2 seconds.

ok so anway
#1- most importantly
uhm underage staff!!! deffinitly maria and i are working as underage guards at tweeds this summer! get excited!!! ps-thank u jinx for any influence you had.
#2- im a delegate... or something.. i dont no exactly what it is, but hey! thanks to everyone who voted! muchas gracias

and thats it as far as the girl scout stuff goes

in other news..
party last week was pretty great. everyone showed even though it poured. family didnt fight. people slept over. all was good.

this week was amazing because tuesday, wed, and thurs we(everyone minus the 11th graders) got to go into school at 10:30!! which means i didnt have to wake up till 9ish!!! it was amazing and not so hard to get up this morning. well.. maybe that was because i was up the entire night basically watching the pope's funeral. i couldnt sleep, ok?

soooo life? tracks been ok. we're increasing our workouts. i dont like it, but what can i do? i come home and pig out every day afterwards, so maybe that needs to stop.
i did 20 laps (the test thing) in lifeguarding today. it was good.
i had course selection. not extremly happy, but im still praying i get into yearbook in 12th grade..

OOH-- QUESTION! did u ever want something and you get a question and it's like "why do u want to _____?" and well i hope for yearbook next (next) year they ask that and i have to write a beautiful essay about it. i would give them a "slice of me" as mrs.sneeringer say and tell them how obessed i am about it and how j'adored it since before i got into high school. maybe not that way, but itd be good.

my grad. project will be handed in on monday. PASS!

i went to the movies with my mom tonight. my dad is in austin for work, he comes home tomorrow. we saw ice princess. was very good. thats about it. now one of my friends is having a nervous breakdown. maybe ill figure out whats going on.

OOH! and stalkers are very scary. BUTTERCUP- lets talk.. HE'S SCARING MY FRIENDS NOW!!
(omGg!! i just hit like the back button OR SOMETHING and it went back.. i hit forward and thought my whole entry would be gone.. luckily it wasnt)

but yes, its scary. i dont like it.

the oc<3

seussical sunday. eeh :/ whatever. adios

the most over used name of the 80s

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