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04:44pm 02/07/2006
  well. last time i posted of camp.. and although its probably the topic that crosses my mind most often now, im not there.

i did go. one day. i went for mom and me weekend. i guarded? or something. it was.. just different.
tohi was beautiful as always. it was still magical being there. i still got the butterflies as i was pulling up.
visiting each campsite was a thrill.
it was also fun to be able to help tell people where to go. because.. they didnt know. i dont know if that makes sense.

so whats new with my life?
well, im not at camp. i was wrong to think id ever go back this year anyway. with the new age requirements they werent going to hire me anyway. im always sad about it but i try and hold out for next year. i try and be optimsitic. i mean, its healthy to miss stuff, right? esp. stuff you've loved for so long?
well-i try and tell myself theres no point in being sad because its not like i can go back now. so all i have to do is just wait for next summer.

"but ive learned" i guess. ive learned that i DO need camp. and i cant go through this every summer. anddd i need a place that is camp to me. whether that is tohi or tweedale. either one is camp. one is home but they are both camp.

well, i act like nothing else happens in my life. you're probably thinking i need something else in my life to keep my mind off of camp.
well, i work. a lot. sort of. sort of a lot that is. i work at my school's pool. i teach little kids how to swim. ive been doing it for about a year now. i have to be there at 845 in the morning though. then im done at 12. i have a sort of break in between and i have to be back at like 545 and i work till 8.

and ive been doing stuff. last night was the panic! at the disco concert. it was sooooo great!! :D!! sooooo much fun. eureka was there!! :D so were a lot of other people but i didnt see them.

i watched and read the sisterhood of the traveling pants. SOOO GOOD! such a good recomendation.

HAPPY 4th of July!

hi jinx

soo what else? relay for life was nice. sort of. it rained. a lot. i did the sort of a lot thing again. at one point we had to get off the track and then people sort of migrated to the girls locker room for most of the time. i slept too much.

i get so mad when i sleep. i hate missing out on life. like this one quote from tuesdays with morrie-"if you're in bed, you're dead."
like i slept during the da vinci code and i missed out. but ok i was tired. and i slept during relay for life and missed a lot of it. {relay is a 24 hour walk a thon so you should sleep at some point i guess but i try not too but i was tired}

but whatever.
i also saw lake house. and click. they were ok.

camp? :(

lol whatever. adios

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01:38pm 29/01/2006
  you know. i really do love camp. and i really did enjoy this summer.
i have no idea what the future holds.

i used to get to attached to people/ things. then i moved on and was like "well, if they dont care, why should i?"
but recently ive been nostalgic. like i still miss every summer of camp. even the last one. i know at some points i really hated the work. but i lovvedd it. i really did.
and i get angry at people because i try so hard to communicate and keep in touch and they just fall away. but i guess its things like that that make you realize what life is like.

ive been thinking a lot. about selfishness and stuff.
if you think someone is doing something selfish, are they really selfish or are you for wanting them to be doing something for you rather than them.

and sometimes i think im not leading the life i want. everythings just going by too fast.

but. im happy. and i cant wait for camp. because ive decided im going back. it will be hectic. but it will be worth it.

now if i could just decide which camp to go to...

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05:03pm 31/12/2005
  Look up the first line from the first post of each month in 2005 and post...and comment!!!

January: so does anyone actually want to write a reccomendation for camp for me? or am i going to have to ask someone myself?

February: so i started my new classes

March: thats' right

April: soo i think if i had a little more girl scouts in me this week id be saying i love fluffy bunnies every 2.2 seconds.

May: what a day! everything was normal till 2nd period. i have lifeguarding 2nd period. we got changed and got ready to get in the pool for our whole lifeguarding challenge thing was had today. so at 9:38 the fire alarm goes off.

June: im actually im maryland right now. visiting my daddys work

July: im gonna sing sing sing
im gonna shout shout shout
im gonna sing
im gonna shout
camp TOHI
makes no difference what they say
im gonna sing it anyway
im gonna sing
im gonna shout
camp TOHI

August: camp is almost over. there are days i want to ring people's necks out, but i know im going to be ultra super depressed when the 16th comes.

September: livejournal is for the weak. in other news, school started.

December: so christmas was smashing

so i spkip[ped a few months. i can always do this on my gj too. doesnt realy sum up my whole year but it was fun.. anyway, its gonna be a happy new year!

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i need this whole thing to breakdown   
12:04am 26/12/2005

so christmas was smashing. i got a whole lot of stuff. my top 3 favorite things are 1- ipod video. 2- $125 for tanning. 3- 3 tickets for wicked in march!! yayayayy!! and i got lots of other cool stuff. i hope everyone had a good christmas. ive been doing almost nothing. work is over now until january 17th and thats good because anymore work is a pain. it was great on thursday though because one of the kid's mom brought in pizza for everyone!! it was saaaWEET!

thursday night we had a camp reunion at poptarts. it was pretty great. got to see loads of people. 16 of em! i wish it could have been longer or that i could have talked to more people, but still- very good.

this break is looking kind of lame. hanging out with people i suppose. new years is looking extremly lame at the moment.

i need. <3333333333333333333333333333



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yes, i live   
08:02pm 25/09/2005

LJ Interests meme results

  1. aim:
    i am abso fricking loutly additcted. i can go days and weeks without even going on, but if im home im almost always on. i get annonyed when im on and no one talks to me, and i can have up to a billion conversations at once. its what keeps me going and in contact with everyone.
  2. boys:
    ha, what to say? im a girl- you're a boy. i think we've all got that one down.
  3. dozie:
    hmm.. well after stargazers i thought dozie was like THE coolest person on earth. i always thought of her as a great counselor but now that i think about it, it is a little creepy to have her in my interests... sorry!
  4. hawaii:
    love love love! went there from june 24-july 7th 2002 with earth explore, a student group like people to people, national ambassador, etc. feel in love with it. the people, the memories, everything. sort of goes with why i picked pineapple as my camp name. i use kinipela as almost everything else because its my name in hawaiian.
  5. josh hartnett:
    so yeah, used to be obsessed about him. he hasnt been in any good movies lately, but i loveee pearl harbor(hawaii+boys+josh, what what) wicker park was weird. but i still love em
  6. kona:
    a city in hawaii. i was there for probably 5ish days. its one of the more resort type cities in hawaii. nonetheless-muy bonita!
  7. moley:
    it comes from my bestest friend, christina moley. i guess when we were in like 8th grade we used to write chrystyna moley and jennyfer waver. yeah
  8. over the rainbow:
    used to be obsessed with the wizard of oz and loved that song
  9. pop music:
    its what i like. i dont care about the song being cheesy or anything. i listen to whatever they play
  10. tohikanee:
    only THE greatest place in the world! my camp :)

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.


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01:02pm 02/09/2005
mood: accomplished
livejournal is for the weak.

in other news, school started. and i have off today so yeah ive done nothing but sit on this computer. uhm.. i cant SIT on a computer. so ive been sitting at the computer ON the computer chair.

asdfjkl; i have a cross country meet tomorrow. my first one of the season. i really want to get like.. 22/23.. i hope its not over 25. ive never gotten over 25 so i have no idea when we ran a 5k at practice my time was so slow.. its embarrasing. BUT! my name was in the paper. ee! and kyu's picture was. SO B-TOWN.

uhmm.... partyyy tomorrow.! HA!

it's raining men. ok, so its not. but it should be.

OH? school. HOMEROOM IS LAME TO THE MAX! its before 1st period now. like, its first. which makes sense to probably everyone else. my school used to have first period and then homeroom. if u think about it, its a very good concept. you had a break between 1st and 2nd. and u could do ur 2nd period homework in homeroom. you had a chance to tell ur friends the answers from the 1st period test it was just better altogether. but besides that, ERIKA ISNT IN MY HOMEROOM! all the homerooms are messed up and like no one is in the same homeroom as people they used to be in with. LAME

but classes are ok. this semester i have honors english, pshyc, ap gov, and physics. english is pretty good so far. it's only been 2 days but i know ill like it. physc is pretty good too. better than soc last year. ap gov, its going to be good, i know, but i havent really warmed up to it yet. i know that sounds funny but like i dunno.. you just need to get comfortable with classes i think. it'll happen. it will be good though. ihate 2nd lunch. i dont like physics either. it reminds me too much of chemistry. i feel like this whole semster is the same as 1st semster last year. i have daka 2nd again, my science 4th again, english is just a different period. next semester i have wsi(water safety instructor) the same time i had lifeguarding. yeah...

ok so these next 2 months are going to be soo hard. i have my 4 classes, cross country, and a job. im working at the school pool teaching swimming classes from likr 6-8. so needless to say, it'll be tough. but i'll be making like $200 a month so yay!

and i can get my license in like 18 days!! i just have to make that appt.

so i have a lot of important stuff coming up that i guess i need love with. like, im going to be putting a lot of pressure on myself with these classes, psats soon, getting my license, good grades, good times at cross, and managing a life. so wish me luck because it's a lot and i hope i can do it.

hope everyone's life is good. im sure it is!

"where's the r in elorm?"
-where's the n in jenn?"

<3 jenn

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06:59pm 11/08/2005
  last closing campfire in 30 minutes!

coming home sunday or tuesday. <3

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10:21pm 06/08/2005
  camp is almost over. there are days i want to ring people's necks out, but i know im going to be ultra super depressed when the 16th comes.

camp tweeds
500 bethel road(s)
oxford, pa 19363
(USA)<-- for the internationals, you know who you are :)

ill be seeing you!

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swing low, sweet chariot   
11:35pm 19/07/2005
  im gonna sing sing sing
im gonna shout shout shout
im gonna sing
im gonna shout
camp TOHI
makes no difference what they say
im gonna sing it anyway
im gonna sing
im gonna shout
camp TOHI

ok, so maybe that wasnt the nicest thing to say. but i dont care.

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10:46pm 18/06/2005
  wtf mates!

ive been here a week and i have yet to receive a letter

camp tweedale
500 bethel road
oxford, pa 19363

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11:45am 12/06/2005
  im off

camp tweedale
500 behtel road
oxford, pa 19363

write to me... not sure if anyone really reads this anyway. BYE

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diddy da   
09:11pm 03/06/2005
mood: tired
i thought my icon was gone forever.
im actually im maryland right now. visiting my daddys work. usually he comes home on the weekends, but my mom and i came down this time. the keyboard on this thing is so weird. so im not going to write a lot except that this is my last real weekend. a week from sunday ill be at camp and probably considered a junior! that scares me so much :(

my camp address is as followsni
camp tweedale
500 bethel road
oxford, pa 19363

i expect tons of letters, dont dissapoint me :/

dinner was an angry time. i wasnt hungry and didnt want a lot of food. so i couldnt decide what to get. i wasnt even sure what i was getting while i was waiting for it. it ended up being chicken fingers+fries. COOL.

comtemplating school on wednesday. APPARENTLY the kids who started the fire in school last thursday have some frieds who are gonna bring a gun to school wed. so the principal sent out a letter today saying the rumors arent true because he investigated it.. right.. how and when did he investigate it? and how does he no its the truth? i dont no. oh, and poor cb east.

i tanned tonight for 10 mintues. i want to go 2x tomorrow and then possibly 2x sunday. there is only 1 bed here and it doesnt get that hot, so who knows. but my mom said she'll let me go this upcoming week across from the mall. yay! then camp

and finals are a pain.

oh. so my name was on the loud speaker for the first time ever in my high school career. as in "J-j-j-jennifer weaver please report to office 1" they just had some paper for me that i already had. no biggie.

so next week is andrews grad. party. very cool. i love my seniors. adios.


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coch math.. very weird   
01:06pm 28/05/2005
  . .
This is pretty neat and fun and easy!
It takes less than a minute . . Work this out as you read . . .
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not a waste of time thing, it's fascinating and only for 2005.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate. (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (Just to be bold)

3. Add 5 (for Sunday)

4. M ultiply it by 50 . . I'll wait while you get the calculator or cell phone or abacus. .

5. If you have already had your birthday this year Add 1755 . . . if you have not Add 1754.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

7. You should have a three digit number.

8. The first digit of this was your original number (i.e. how many times you

want to have chocolate each week).

9. The next two numbers are . . .

10.... YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!... that is, if you were honest {wink})


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salami, bologna, and cheese on taco bread   
06:35pm 26/05/2005
  what a day! everything was normal till 2nd period. i have lifeguarding 2nd period. we got changed and got ready to get in the pool for our whole lifeguarding challenge thing was had today. so at 9:38 the fire alarm goes off. since we're in the pool(well, pool area, we werent in the pool yet). our alarm is very annonying. anyway, our fire spot is just to line up against the wall, we dont evacuate. we waited there for like 30 minutes till our teacher nexteled some people and we found out it was real.

now, the pool and the 9th grade academy are very close. there are windows that let u see outside to where everything was going on. we had the best view. we could see all the firemen coming in and out and the oxygen tanks and stuff. it was a bit scary, but we were calm. pretty soon a helicopter came and stuff. yeah, we were in the pool area from like 930-12.

at around 1015 they told us we needed to leave. we were in our bathing suits. so we walk out and officer ridge is like "you should have been out here a long time ago" and blah blah. well waddy mcwaddlson told us to go back. let me remind you that the fire alarm does not go off until everything is over, so its going on an hour now, and the fire alarm is still on. anyway, it eventually went off and we got in the pool.

little did we know that the whole thing wasnt over. so we had to get out and i was freezing because i was wet. we just waited and waited till around 12. mostly everyone called their parents. i had to use aaron's phone cause mine was locked up and we couldnt go in the locker room.

so what happened was 2 9 ninth graders spilled gas on the steps of the 9th grade acadmey. APPARENTLY it caught on fire, but who nos.

anyway, after the school basically forgot we were still inside the building, we nexteled mr.evertt. he came in and told us all to get changed. we were so funny, we were like screaming HELLLLP as we went into the locker room. soo at 12ish we got shelpted to gym1 with like 1/4 of the school. we just sat there from 12-1240. at 1240 they let us into the cafeteria. that was A MESS! like 1/3 of the school in each cafeteriAUM. it took like 30 minutes+ to get our crappy food. it was a huge mess.

so at like 2 they said go back to 2nd period. we did and then went home at like regular time. it was a total waste of a day. rob, thank you not losing me in the lunch room today lol. im actually really glad it was during 2nd period though. i dont think id rather be with another class.

ooh and we did everything imagineable to keep us occupied from 930-12. we did hair, made up games, slept, called people, hula hooped, and so on. it was a pointless, yet exciting day.

finally something happened in bensalem.

but im safe. adios.

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07:50pm 28/04/2005
  asdfjl; i have alcohol breath  

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06:48pm 27/04/2005

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of love so trueee   
10:27pm 08/04/2005
mood: curious
soo i think if i had a little more girl scouts in me this week id be saying i love fluffy bunnies every 2.2 seconds.

ok so anway
#1- most importantly
uhm underage staff!!! deffinitly maria and i are working as underage guards at tweeds this summer! get excited!!! ps-thank u jinx for any influence you had.
#2- im a delegate... or something.. i dont no exactly what it is, but hey! thanks to everyone who voted! muchas gracias

and thats it as far as the girl scout stuff goes

in other news..
party last week was pretty great. everyone showed even though it poured. family didnt fight. people slept over. all was good.

this week was amazing because tuesday, wed, and thurs we(everyone minus the 11th graders) got to go into school at 10:30!! which means i didnt have to wake up till 9ish!!! it was amazing and not so hard to get up this morning. well.. maybe that was because i was up the entire night basically watching the pope's funeral. i couldnt sleep, ok?

soooo life? tracks been ok. we're increasing our workouts. i dont like it, but what can i do? i come home and pig out every day afterwards, so maybe that needs to stop.
i did 20 laps (the test thing) in lifeguarding today. it was good.
i had course selection. not extremly happy, but im still praying i get into yearbook in 12th grade..

OOH-- QUESTION! did u ever want something and you get a question and it's like "why do u want to _____?" and well i hope for yearbook next (next) year they ask that and i have to write a beautiful essay about it. i would give them a "slice of me" as mrs.sneeringer say and tell them how obessed i am about it and how j'adored it since before i got into high school. maybe not that way, but itd be good.

my grad. project will be handed in on monday. PASS!

i went to the movies with my mom tonight. my dad is in austin for work, he comes home tomorrow. we saw ice princess. was very good. thats about it. now one of my friends is having a nervous breakdown. maybe ill figure out whats going on.

OOH! and stalkers are very scary. BUTTERCUP- lets talk.. HE'S SCARING MY FRIENDS NOW!!
(omGg!! i just hit like the back button OR SOMETHING and it went back.. i hit forward and thought my whole entry would be gone.. luckily it wasnt)

but yes, its scary. i dont like it.

the oc<3

seussical sunday. eeh :/ whatever. adios

the most over used name of the 80s


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06:11pm 30/03/2005
mood: chipper

i have 3/5 of my graduation project done. wahoo.

im having a party on saturday and you're all invited!

things are starting to get back to normal now.

I GOT MY FIRST 4.0 OF THIS YEAR! finally i didnt have chemistry bringing me down anymore! course selection should be coming up. ALSO
meet tomorrow. RIGHT? half of the girls dont have physicals.. w/o physicals u cant compete. and when i saw girls mean the like 10 of us who come to practice. so that means like 5 of us actually can compete. one of our coaches said we might have to forfit though. sooo.?

can i tell u a secret? i had the worst cramps today and rushed into the bathroom at like 7:00. i leave at 7:03ish every day. anyway, to make it short, i ended up taking a dirreah relief pill before i went to school and it worked like a charm dfjghcliche. and vicki pooped in track today.

OOH TRACK TODAY! easy day since we "have a meet" tomorrow. jenna and i attempted to throw the javelin.. practiced long jump barefoot too! oooh this season is starting to look good. and when i say good i mean fun. we're never going to be "good" but fun is what im looking for really.


now im going to my grandmoms to make some candy! be jealous. BYE@


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02:15pm 28/03/2005
mood: gloomy
i remember when i discovered my spit.
i was in the car. it was my grandmoms car. i think we were going down bristol road right by longmeadow going towards acme. i kept telling her that there was something in my mouth. it was liquidy and tasted like apple juice.

so did you ever dream and your at like one place and then somehow you're at a completly different place but the dream still makes sense? well maybe the dream doesnt make sense... but you just switch places out of nowhere?

so then we went to a drug (something like eckerd) store. she got me halls.

its funny. i dont no if there really was a drug store there. it was like.. where blockbuster is now. in the genaurdis place.

we're funny when we're young.

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12:47pm 20/03/2005
  as of yesterday i am currently legal to CIT!!

and i got my permit!!

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